My name is Obie, and I am an author. Apart from that sounding like a confession at an anonymous support group, it's also who I am. Though some days, weeks, and even months are more productive than others, I rarely feel more alive than when my thoughts flow freely from my mind and onto a page.

I began writing at the age of 6 after a chance encounter between my mother and my first-grade teacher. My mother was a bit late picking me up from school, and it gave my teacher a chance to speak with her alone and express her pride over something I had written in class. My mother read it over and, with a chuckle, explained to the teacher that it was the opening narrative sequence of the television show Quantum Leap written out verbatim. Though slightly less impressed, I recall my teacher still complimenting me on memorizing the entire thing. In one fell swoop, I experienced my first dose of literary approval and shame of plagiarism. At that moment, I vowed to go home and write my very own original episode of Quantum Leap.

Though my brief childhood foray into television scriptwriting didn't quite pan out, the drive inside me to create something original that others could truly enjoy has never faded far from my heart. Somewhere between work, fatherhood, and all the other distractions of life, I have a number of literary fires burning. My first novel, The Crimes of Orphans, is currently on sale at Amazon.com. Its sequel,  The Undoing of Tomorrow, is gradually approaching first-draft completion. And swirling around my head are ideas for future novels about everything from the world's first post-apocalyptic novelist, to a small-town nexus for reformed serial killers, and a world where literary characters go to live outside of their books.

Stay tuned. I'm just getting started.