Ayenee is not what they were promised. The man-made eighth continent was supposed to be a neutral land where the nations of the world could come together in peace. But when the Last War wiped out nearly all life on the planet, Ayenee became a refuge for the dwindling human population left behind. Over a century later, it stands as the center of new life in a changed world. However, by altering the face of the planet, humans have reawakened magic and monsters long ago forgotten, and those things are seeping back into reality more with each passing day.


Lita and Rain will both do anything to leave the darknesses of their shattered pasts and the things they’ve done behind them. They have each created quiet lives where they can just be left alone. But when they are both pulled into a madman’s plot to kill people they care about, the two are left with no choice — they must simultaneously confront their deepest inner monsters while also conjuring them up enough to do unspeakable things once more . . . this time in the name of good.


THE CRIMES OF ORPHANS contains love, vampires, and intense action . . . but it is not a love story, vampire story, or action story. It is a story about two people who are so damaged that they cannot possibly forgive themselves, but they just might be able to find forgiveness in one another.