Derry Postcard (4x6).png
Overlook Postcard Sharing.png

The Postcards

Ongoing art series inspired by vintage "large letter" postcards from the early- to mid-20th century, depicting fictional locations from popular works of film and literature. Presently the series is focusing on works by Stephen King, but will eventually be expanded to include fictional locations that appear in other books and movies.

In creating these pieces, I heavily researched production practices of postcard companies from the era (Curt Teich, Tichnor Brothers, etc) and strove to recreate their methods in Photoshop as faithfully as I could in order to achieve the highest level of authenticity possible. The Derry postcard is largely created from pieces of actual Tichnor Bros postcards depicting parts of Bangor, Maine (on which King's Derry was heavily based), but the Overlook and Shawshank postcards were created from "scratch" photo stock which was colorized by hand with digital painting, mimicking the painstaking methods used by postcard companies decades ago.

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